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“Cooked the Old Southern Traditional Way over Hickory Wood Slow & Fresh”

Thank you for choosing P.Red’s BBQ for your dining and catering experience.  We are a 25 year old family owned BBQ restaurant.   Red was our late grandfather who passed on his recipes on to us.  He was redheaded and quite the character, but he was always known to us as our Pappy, hence the name of our restaurant.  Pappy was a great influence in our lives both “on and off the field”.  He showed us the art of cooking barbeque pork the “Old Southern Traditional Way over Hickory Wood Slow & Fresh”.  We are Atlanta Natives of 190 years and our BBQ Restaurant and Recipes have a long history.   Red’s homemade sauce recipe has 95 years of tradition, which speaks for itself.  The Brunswick Stew is homemade with only the finest ingredients.  Try it, we know your taste buds will be satisfied!  The aroma of smoked pork permeates the restaurant with true Southern Food.   

We can cater any event, whether it’s an intimate group of 15 or an army of 10,000.  We can go beyond the realm of barbeque and personalize any meal for you specific needs.  We can full cater for 45 people or more, deliver and set up for groups of 15 or more, and bulk package pick-ups for 15 or more.  We always welcome you to buy our products a la carte’.   Pappy always talked about how much fun it was to meet new people while catering “Southern Food” in Atlanta.  When Pappy sends the crew out, you will have a true “Southern Experience”.  With fresh, friendly, professional service and clean state-of-the-art equipment we will make your event the talk of the town for years to come.  You and your guests will leave with a positive and a long lasting impression. 

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